Let's talk about taxes....

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by WS_MJH, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. WS_MJH


    So now we know how the US election turned out. Since we're all on this board due to our desire for money, we might as well talk about what the tax bill will be like in 2013 and forward.

    So, how about an open prediction thread on what people think the most likely tax compromise will be.

    My gut: the top rate goes up either to Clinton's level or near, say 37.5%, while the rest stay around the same. The big question is capital gains since a lot of Democrats are dependent on that, eg Silicon Valley. I can see the 15% rate getting extended again, with a possible permanent rate somewhere between the 15% and Clinton's 20%.
  2. Bob111


    what difference does it make for active trader? you have to pay them anyway(assuming you are profitable). 95% of traders don't have to worry about taxes. cause they don't have any profits anyway.
    those who do-you know...short term cap. gains are treated as regular income.end of story.