Let's talk about our returns. Got any?

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  1. As of late there seems to be a lot of negative comments on this board about options. To set the record straight, is any one out there actually, consistently, making good money with options? Please be specific - Does any one trade their OWN account using options to make a living? If you have traded over 2 years, what are your returns?

    I'll go first. I haven't made a dime. I've traded $35,000 for 6 months and I'm behind $1300.00. I'm optimistic that I will eventually learn enough to beat the indexes on a regular basis.
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    Can you tell me what an option is? Thanks~ please don't laugh at me....Im a high school kid, trying to learnt he market.

    I also want to know what is a put, call, short, long...sort of confusing ~ :confused: :confused: :confused: :(
  3. sell them. or buy them at extremes for longer term plays. trading options is a tough game.
  4. Thanks for the advice, but you haven't addressed the question. Simple question, don't be shy - Is anyone making money? Please be specific and tell the dollar amount of your trading account devoted to options and what percentage of return you generate from trading options.
  5. do you really expect to get an honest answer to that question from strangers on the internet.lol

  6. Why do you care... so you can feel good that YOU are not performing as well as you might like or curiousity about the greener grass?! Can't understand guys who ask others for financial results. Worry about improving YOUR options trading; that's all that matters really, isn't it!

    Let's us know when you get to +2000... and we'll set you up as a market maker!



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    metooxx takes a smidgen out of the options market.

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  9. Try going to a rural farming community - at lunchtime find the local farmer hangout - general store - waffle house - katie's grill - whatever.

    When you find a table/booth with at least 4 farmers sitting at it. Politely ask them, "Is anyone here making any money?"

    Without a doubt, if they take the time to give you an answer, it will be some form of NO.

    Then take a seat order some grub and wait on these guys to leave. When they leave, take note of what they are driving.

    1999 and newer (most likely newer) diesel/extended cab/diesel duallys, etc.

    Then come back the next day - ask them the same question. Chances are they are going to tell you, "We told you yesterday that we were broke" Then they will mutter amongst themselves. "hard headed fellow, aint he"
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