Lets talk about natural gas

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    Front contract trading at 2.653 right now as I type. Do you guys believe these low prices will be the norm ? Where do you predict the lows will be. I've been daytrading this contract for quite a while now, and its been fairly good to me. But I'm curious from a more fundamental point of view if these historically low prices are here to stay and what your thoughts are of natty gas.
  2. If natural gas will come to play a more important role in the global economy, like many think it will, the prices will go up.

    When? No idea.
  3. looks like massive multiyear inverted h&s chart

    shoulder at 2.50
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    Here's the forward curve for the next couple years. So if you want to be long, then the question is: How to play it? What can you buy now that will get you there?
  5. are there any free sites for charts of the forward curve for natgas and other commodities? thanks
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