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  1. I'm starting this thread to offer an alternative to using Windows as your only operating system (OS) / desktop window manager (WM). Also, the OpenSource community has provided 10's of thousands of pieces software (SW) that you can download and install. Guess what.... it's all free.

    Linux and OpenSource SW (OSS), is becoming more and more renowned in the information technology (IT) services and business enterprise (BE) environments. In other words, there's a hell of a lot of networks and web / database servers out there using GNU / Linux and it's OSS kin. (GNU is OSS and compliments the Linux kernel. It stands for “not Unix”). The reasons for this is obviously because it's plenty reliable and considered to be way more secure.

    Unfortunately, this wave of utilization hasn't greatly influenced home users yet. I'm proud to say that's increasingly changing. Actually, a lot of the OpenSource community are creating OSS that are, what's called, “cross platform”. Meaning that it crosses “The Great Platform Divide” and can be used on Windows. Mac users can already enjoy the fruits of OSS and Linux. Mac's Linux based OS/WM is called OSX.

    Windows dominates the landscape, but it is not the only solution out there. As we have seen recently, Mac is getting more and more market share. Windows new OS/WM, Vista, is out now, and is considered (by the first reviewers) as inadequate to all the hype (and $6 billion ...? :p) espoused by M$oft.

    In the following thread, I will tell you about Linux/OSS; how to install it; how to manage it; tips & tricks; how to have both Windows and Linux environments coexist on your computer with boot selection at start-up; How to have either be used inside the other (called a “virtualized environment”); What different OSS applications (apps) are available; how to use these apps, and finally to answer any questions as best I can.

    I share my experience and knowledge of Linux and OSS, because I sincerely like it a hell of a lot better than a Windows based environment. I fully support the OSS movement. Please support it also.

  2. Linux/ unix might be more secure that winblows, but if they cant attract the gaming crowd, then they will always be just 2nd best. And you can forget highschools... those kids wont pick up anything they cant learn in two seconds.

    nix is great for programming.
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    Excllent post but, can I install and run my daughters "Hello-Kitty Playland" and "Barbie - Dream Wedding" games on a Linux box, nativley, without having to re-boot into Windows? Probably not, and thats fine, but why are game makers targeting Linux? Maybe becase there is not much profit in developing software for free. I see it now, the CFO at EASports games is going to a shareholder meeting to explain how they intend to boost earnings by giving away Madden08 on Linux.
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    Linux is really really great. I use Linux for TA extensively everyday and find setups real-time. However, the problem is that my broker support only Windows. And Windows really sucks. I asked them when they are going to support Linux trading platform. But no response from them. My broker is MBTrading.com.
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    Funny as it may seem, the most exciting prospect on linux to me by a mile is mono.

    To be able to transfer the development productivity from MSFT to linux with no overhead is HUGE.

    Kudos to Migel De Icaza and the rest of the mono development crew for their titanic and heroic effort.

  6. The latest Linux kernel (2.6.20.xxx) has virtualization support (KVM). I havn't tried it yet, so no personal experience to report.

    If you have a recent Intel or AMD CPU with hardware virtualization support, you can run Windows as a guest operating system ie Linux and Windows at the same time. Or multiple copies of Windows and multiple copies of Linux at the same time.

    This should reduce the difficulties of migrating to Linux substantially.
  7. Trying to get any tech help with a linux OS is a pain in the ASS!. Geek Squad doesn't know shit about linux, then they had the nerve to charge me over 100.00 for a unsuccessful home visit to try and get my Ubuntu OS running on a wireless set-up.
  8. Each to their own - that's what I say.

    Seriously though, are you using it for anything serious and is it reliable and robust ? Feature complete ?
  9. Generally speaking, the OpenSource community is known to be great at helping others with questions or problems.
    And it don't cost a dime. Except, maybe, that you "pay-it-forward" and help others in turn. :)

    We'll also talk about the various places to look for help when you might need it.
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    Not yet, just toy applications so far. But give me two months...

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