Let's Take Public Products....And Price Them Our Way

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by libertad, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. These Goldman assholes seem to have a hand in every pot and a politician in every pocket.

    These united foolish states are not a 'democracy' but another disguised way to rip off millions of sheep.

    What the hell happened to the old anti-trust laws???

    Sick & tired of the retards in Washington being paid off to turn a blind eye to con-artists and scammers!!!
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  3. I don't understand the concern.

    Pricing has NEVER been transparent. That's a huge part of what makes extracting a living from the markets even possible.

    Livermore wrote about this stuff nearly 100 years ago. Why are we still talking and complaining about markets not being "transparent" when they never have been, and are not even intended to be?
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    Random: how do we capitalize on increased dark pool volume?
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    Same way traders always have. Price.

    Dark pools and forex trade the same - no volume.

    Forget level 2, and learn to trade price, outright.

    The markets will not change.

    Dark Pools are intended to confound scalpers, quants and algos that scalp the DOM and volume when it gets one-way heavy (institutional buying). The result is greater liquidity for big money, reduced transparency for the little guy.

    Underlying market mechanics/price action will not change.
  6. but doesn't dark volume also obfuscate price action by taking many of the trades offline? I guess they get reported sometime, but if you take 20% of the action out and report it non-realtime it muddies the water quite a bit, don't you think?

    Is that their stated purpose, or just their effect? Seriously, I'm unafmiliar with how dark volumes affect the landscape. When I first started hearing about them it sounded a little like order-matching for privilaged market participants (which I thought was considered bad form these days...).