Let's Take Political Stock Of Ourselves

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    This version puts me at 60/30, but the big one that's been linked to before puts me so far left (but center on the y-axis) that I could fall off the edge. Pun intended.
  3. 70/100... Scored me as "Libertarian".... like I didn't already know that.
  4. I got "Libertarian".
  5. 50 dead center. Probably because I don't think welfare should be done away with completely, especially when you consider what an abject failure trickle down is. I don't like total privatization of SSN either. Should one have a choice? Certainly! Some drugs legalized? Yes, but not all. Government out of restricting sex between consenting adults? Absolutely! I'll stick my dick wherever I want. :eek: :eek: :eek:

    And there absolutely should be a draft, and noboby should be allowed to run for elected office without having served in the military. No poltician should be allowed to vote on any combat actions unless they have served in a combat position. Any politician voting to send troops in to combat should then have to serve 6 months in a combat unit, no exceptions.
    I'm a tad anal on this issue.:D
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    Hmnnnn.. I learned a new word today.:cool:......... :D
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    My personal issues score is 90%

    My economic issues score is 80%

    Im a libertarian.

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    With a 50/90 Personal/Economic profile, I'm on the fence between Libertarian and Conservative. I would have called myself an average conservative. Nice little tool, but it may need a little tweaking.
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