Lets suppose the US bombs Iran...

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    ...and right or wrong, I'm convinced Bush intends to, probably before summer 2008.

    How would you trade it?
  2. Buy oil.
  3. The stock market will rally too. Like it or not war is good for the market.
  4. War is THE best thing for deficit spending. That's why, "The business of America is war".
  5. War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength
  6. I am sure you watched Lord or War. Great movie, quite disturbing.
  7. Maybe too we'll get an attack on America, that way I can short the S&P Futures, and long oil.

    We are due for another attack, it's been calm for awhile now :confused:
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    Let me clarify my question;

    It's been a decade since I traded futures, and I'm alot rusty on this. I'm thinking of buying CL calls with about 15K of totally disposable risk capital, around January or February of 2008.

    A) I'm not sure which expiration month would be best (leaning towards Jan09).
    B) I'm not sure whether it's generally better to buy calls way out of the money, but likely to be hit (such as 150's), or to pick up a couple calls just a few strike prices out of the money.
    C) I could care less if they were a total loss and expired worthless, but I would rather not have to deal with margin calls. (I just want to buy and forget about it.)
  9. Why waste your money like that? You are better off swing trading the mini contract QM.
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    Thanks, I appreciate the perspective. I'll definitely look into that.
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