let's sue Obama.....

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    for harmful disparate impact on black americans.

    from the other thread:

    and here is our case, any attorneys want this one?

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    This kind of stuff is what marxists revel in. They wallow in it like pigs in shit. How does it feel to be a hard working person in the US if the government is going to do everything it can to bring you down to the level of the parasite class?
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    The topic is "harmful disparate impact on black Americans". Moron.
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    It seems like the 2008 financial crisis occurred under Pelosi, Reid, Barny Frank and the other democraps who kept saying everything at Freddy and Fanny were just fine and kept ignoring the warnings the Bush Admin kept telling them. No problem here. Keep making those loans to the blacks and other minorities who can't afford them. Oh, don't even do an income check or pull a credit report.
  5. Why Obama Is Winning: 57% of Registered Voters Blame Bush and GOP for Economy

    By: Jason EasleySeptember 13th, 2012

    A new CNN poll explains why President Obama is leading in the polls. By margin of 57%-35%, registered voters blame George W. Bush and the Republican Party for the poor condition of the economy.

    The CNN/ORC poll began with what should have been some good news for Romney. By a margin of 68%-32%, registered voters rated economic conditions in the country as poor. This moment of temporary Romney optimism was crushed by the fact that 67% of registered voters expect their economic condition to be good next year. Forty four percent of voters consider themselves worse off than they were four years ago, compared to 37% who say that they are better off.

    The back breaker for Romney came when registered voters were asked which policies were more to blame for the country’s current economic problems, George W. Bush and the Republicans or Barack Obama and the Democrats. Fifty seven percent of registered voters said that Bush and the Republicans are responsible, compared to 35% who blamed Obama and the Democrats.
    A deeper look inside the who is responsible numbers reveals that by a margin of 53%-37%, Independents think Bush and the GOP are responsible for the current state of the economy. Fifty six percent of men and fifty eight percent of women still hold Bush and the GOP responsible. White people narrowly hold Bush and Republicans more responsible, 48%-42% Americans under age 50 hold Bush and the Republican Party more responsible by a more than 2 to 1 margin, 62%-30%.

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    Where are RCG and IQ47 at when you need them? To tell "not much of a thinker" that he needs to get back on topic.
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    You don't understand Marxism. The parasite class is at the top.
  8. Mav88


    It doesn't matter what polls say, it matters what evidence you have in a court of law. Under Obama's presidency blacks have lost ground, it's easy to show.

    If you want to back further, then we'll sue a democrat controlled congress.

    in 4 more years, when we still suck, liberals and parasites will still blame bush. there is nothing insightful about that
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    we do understand marxism, you don't understand that it was discredited about 50 years ago
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