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    I have a vision, a dream, a plan.

    Every day the zionists and anti-zionists fight needlessly over israel and their various crimes against humanity.

    lets face it, we're not going to solve the issue, and no one here is ever going to change their beliefs.

    i say we unite, put our differences aside and learn to get along with each other. lets show the world we here at ET are at peace and the love will spread. no moree hatred. no more posting under different aliases that you use out side the P&R forum (you know who you are - man the fuck up)

    When the evil mongers of the middle-east look upon our peace, they will see their own differences too can be resolved.

    This is my vision of israel and the arab world:


    lets make it happen!!
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    ....the day is coming....
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    mullah-rabbi-free_thinker doin' the love!
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    peace in the middle east!
  5. on ignore. i dont have time to waste on smart assed juveniles. in 30 seconds i flush the toilet and you are gone forever.
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    please. this thread is about love and solving the worlds hatred through fine example.

    i think you miss understood the intent. i know how much hatred you have bottled up inside against religion - especially christians. i simply wanted to show how my version of the world would be when you have learnt to love your brother and not hate anymore.

    although you will not read this, i wish you well. i am fully of sympathy for your position, and hope you get well soon.

    kisses and best wishes.
  7. the zionists who rule banks, central banks and their ultimate owners- jesuits are doing nothing wrong.
    its the common people, sheeple, herd who demands credit and mortgages. free money, out of thin air.

    who joins the military: club of rome, CFR?
    no, common ordinary people love to fight, kill and being paid for it.

    young men from dirty little shitholes in alabama, kentucky, etc. want to dedicate their lifes to military. their wifes see nothing wrong with it.

    your husband killed 150 people.
    wife: oh, its for a good reason. he brings me money, so its OK.

  8. Luke will be watching you....like he always says. '' i will lamb baste your ass ''
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    mr lucrams love is welcome here. everybody's love is.

    lets have a love in and show those poor confused souls of the middle east what they're missing.

    perhaps everyone here should invite both a jew and a muslim round to dinner this laboor day weekend holiday and show them how to be civilised and love each other in stead of hate. the world could be a much nicer place come tuesday morning if we all do this.

    show some hospitality folks!

    big hugs!
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