lets see trading pictures of your TRADING setup

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  1. not the computers and 10 monitors. your TRADING setup, the chart, the trigger, the stop, the target, the indicators, the logic. Let's see how many posts this thread attracts.
  2. You'd probably get a bunch if you post it to the main board instead of chit chat.
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    You may not get a lot of response to this for several good reasons.

    Everyone likes to keep their "real" trading method a secret. So we can all sell our methods on a late night infomercial and make our fortunes there. Just Joking!

    Also, no one likes to admit this, but a lot of trading is discretionary......you sometimes just KNOW what is going to happen. No way that can be put on a chart.

    Also we have put our heart and soul into these methods. No one is going to divulge them for free.

    I used to put charts in ET to try and help others with their trading. That was a big mistake.:(

    Now I just answer questions.
    Much easier.
  4. Aint we pretty :cool: [ps notice the big guns]
  5. 1976 called - they want their picture back!

    Jez messin' with ya. Cool 'Vette :cool:
  6. LOL i'm a 70's kinda guy :cool:
  7. I could not have put it better myself.

  8. thanks guys, you never cease to disappoint.
  9. That's why bobcathy blew off his/her interview in Market Wizards. Schwager was getting too close to their system. LMAO!!
  10. Cutten


    This is my setup for Gold:

    Steadily rising chart indicates a bull market:


    Trigger - it's a bull market
    Stop - when it stops acting like a bull market
    Target - when it stops acting like a bull market
    Indicators - it's a bull market
    The logic - it's a bull market

    Please don't tell anyone my method though - it took many years to discover and I don't want to give up my hard-won edge.
    #10     Nov 18, 2003