Lets see how smart lefties really are.

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If the U.S. gave everyone 1 million U.S. dollars would everyone be better off?

  1. Yes, 1 million dollars would make everyone a millionaire!!!

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  2. No, inflation and the collapse of the currency would make this money worthless.

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  1. If the U.S. government gave every single person on earth 1 million U.S. dollars would the world be a better place?
  2. lol what does that have to do with anything. and 'better' is subjective. I could reply yes or no and argue either point. Dumb question.
  3. Typical lefty dumbfuck college professor response. Let me rephrase the original question. Would the average earning person be better off if we gave every single average earning person on the planet 1 million dollars.

    Now what, do you want me to define "every," you idiot, maybe i should just define the word "of," though for morons like you i should probably start by defining the term ELITE TRADER, as i already know you are hopelessly lost, you must have taken the expressway into the hamptons when you belong in harlem.:D
  4. Theoritically we should remain where we are, everyone is starting from a different base, all we would do is add zero's to our current wealth. Oth, if the timing was different as everyone recieved the money, now we are talking. First checked cashed might scoop up some goodies to resell later.
  5. It would depend on what your definition of the word "is" is.......

    Seriously, your question very simply frames our current fiscal policies.

    Yes, every single person would be a millionaire [those who were not previously millionaires], but a bucket of Popeye's fried chicken would cost $ 2160.00...and the folks who work at Popeye's would be earning $400 per hour.
  6. You and nutmeg are stating what i already know. I want to see if there is even one single hopeless lefty who is willing to go along with Obama's print money ideology. The other day some stupid fuck on CNBC tried to say that the credit crisis would not have happened if there was MORE UNIONS in the U.S.A. because everyone would have more CASH money as opposed to resorting to credit. I want to see if lefties even have a grasp on simple economic reality which states that "there is a limited amount of resources for an unlimited amount of people," Or if they actually believe printing money makes people richer.

  7. lol

    Just know one thing (and no, I'm not going to argue with you) our country's current state can be easily blamed on people just like you. And if you are quick enough you will know that I'm not speaking at all about your political leanings.
  8. maxpi


    Actually, the "more Unions argument" is not without merit. Historically, when the business sector has underutilized capacity they offer credit to consumers to kick up the spending rate. They have to do that because they are holding wages down too efficiently.

    That is leading to ever bigger bubbles btw.
  9. Hey stop that!

    There is no room for intelligent argument here. :p (as you will soon see)

    regarding the title of this thread: I'm not really liberal and I may not be smarter than you, but I'll take my chances considering statistically there is a 95% chance that I am. :cool:
  10. If you give a million dollars to everyone in the world I am thinking you mean only those that live on planet Earth. If you did that, those folks in Alpha Centauri would be truely pissed off. This would all be a scheme to keep the Earthlings up, while pushing this oppressed in Alpha Centauri down. What kind of sick planetist policy is this?
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