Lets see are we going down, no up, no down, no up

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  1. Looks like were going down today, no make that up, no looks like down, sorry were headed up, down up down up down.
  2. Market hardly down at all
  3. Brokers are making a killing off this chop and slop.
  4. I think we finally have some direction looks to be down, no wait make that up, I mean down. Oh forget it!
  5. Yes, by the way in Wall Street lingo this is called a sideways market.
  6. So what do you want to do sit around and have a good ole chat on ET. Do the letters FO mean anything to you.
  7. What a confused market
  8. Mod, can we move this to chit chat since it offers nothing new, innovative or informing?
  9. S2007S


    guess they were confused about the 90 dollar oil or was it inflation or googles earnings that are just okay....
  10. GUYS: It's the Bernanke PUT option that's been given to all traders.
    The market can't go down because it knows Big Ben is going to step in quickly.
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