Let's say you just blew up a HF

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    Let's suppose you are a young, 32 years old trader for a large HF who earned after taxes about 50 mill last year. Recently you managed to blow up the same HF and probably a few investors would like to see you dead.

    What do you do?:

    1. You do nothing, after all, it was all part of the business. Risk is accepted in investing and anyway, why should the blame stop at you?

    2. You move to a small country and live there quietly for a few years fishing, reading books on trading.

    3. You get a name- and facechange, because it is easy to hire a hitman nowadays.

    4. You start a new Hedgefund on your own, after all now you have name recognition

    5. You go to Vegas and make some nice sized bets at the roulette table. Simply ones, like black or red, if you loose you double up...

    6. You apologize to investors and offer retributions...

    7. Other....
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    Mr. Hunter, is that you?
  3. Meriwether blew up LTCM with much worse repercussions than Amaranth and started a new hedge funds a few years later, raised new capital no problem.
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    I would BUY this website so I could delete pointless threads, such as this one!

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    Laugh it off and wait for interviews, biographies, film approaches and after dinner specches retiring on last year's $75mil salary - it's hardly a bad position to be in, if he traded within his agreed boundaries then the risk department was at fault and he just walks away :cool:

    Besides he blew a fund a deutchse bank before amaranth, didn't seem to have an issue getting another job that time
  6. I would walk out of Bankers hall across the street to the Bear and Kilt, order stuffed yorkies and a pint of Kokanee Gold. After the sun goes down I would head on over to Cowboy's throw a bit of money around and pretend to be a Wildcatter to impress some of the West's lonely girls.
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    Why the hostility? Some people have REAL problems! :)
  8. Ever hear of the poll feature?
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    The post was intended as a joke, and as you can see, most people haven't responded anyway...
  10. you start another hedge fund, people have short-term memory....
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