Let's say you have a terminal illness....

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  1. Pekelo


    This post is a hypothetical, so if you are not good at imagining what-if kind of scenarios, you don't have to respond....

    So let's suppose you are a very successful trader with your own strategy, a unique one developed by you, been successful for years under all kind of circumstances. Your doctor just told you you have 3 months to live because you have terminal illness.

    What would you do with your strategy? Would you take it to the grave, or would you share it and if so, with whom?
  2. Dustin


    I would videotape my trading for a couple weeks and put in on dvd. Document your profitability with the system. Let everyone you care about know that the system is there for the taking for anyone that would like to try. I would also train anyone interested during my remaining time.
  3. Are these the only options allowed?

    If it was me, the strategy would lay where I left it when I went to the doctor. I would never look at it again. Anybody who finds it could have it, I'd have more important things on my mind.
  4. ken__0


    Find a nobody and make them a somebody.
    Would you call this the gift of greed or the gift of a lifetime?
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    Then it is the equivalent of taking it to the grave. I don't suppose your teenager children or your housekeeper are particulary good at reading charts... :)
  6. I'd host an auction and sell it to the highest bidder. Proceeds would go to a charity of bidders choice as well as research to cure whatever it was I died of.

    I'd of said family but have no immediate living family right now.
  7. squall


    I agree with the post, find a nobody and make them into a somebody. But then again I don't have a terminal illness, and if I did, I might be a little bitter so it's easy to say that now.
  8. I might publish it on elitetrader.com. I do not know anyone personally that can use a trading method. I believe most people are incapable of trading profitably or even saving money from a regular paycheck.
  9. I bet you $1 you can't pull this off while simultaneously finding a successful trader to turn into a nobody, essentially having the bum and the rich trader 'trade places', if you will.
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    Was that Eddie Murphy movie "Trading Spaces" on TBS again this weekend??? :D
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