Let's Revisit "The Miscreant's Ball"

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    I think on the eve, metaphorically speaking (who knows if it's tomorrow or Monday a week from now) of the roundup of the biggest nest of Wall st. thugs in the history of capitalism, it's important to look at how it started, and that in reality it was one fellow, whose warnings were unheeded until we became a third world nation, that is responsible for most of the gains made.

    Here are some more threads you may wish to peruse. You are living history. Might's well man up and face it. When billion dollar hedgefunds unwind, there will be a aftershock:





    No crime in not wanting to face this. Many of the guys still in the business don't want to hear it. It's painful. But it's upon us now. Just like a stew-bum drunk, ya gotta hit bottom to get better. And if we don't do it, Van Jones does.
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    I'd love to at least see Cramer do the perp walk...
  3. It is alleged that Crames was a special member of the Elgindy network. That is the one where Elgindy posted that the next day, the SEC would initiate an investigation in a particular security, so he was calling a short.

    What's wrong w/ that picture?

    Note, in the chart Dr. Byrne created in August 2005, Milberg Weiss, Elliot Spitzer, etc. Several have already fallen. Much has already come true. Is Stevie the Sith? I think there are those above even him. Soros? Rich? Batliner?

    We'll know soon.
  4. What is really interesting is that as far as I can tell, some sort of naked short selling has been happening on Wall Street for 90 years.

    This is from a 1929 Time Magizine Article.
    Saunders bought back more stock than the company had issued.

    Note that it was the BOARD OF GOVERNERS of the NYSE that made an example of Saunders and stopped trading in the stock, and that the WS firms that had sold the stock without owning it, never had to return the money that they had made.

    Just how they managed naked shorts when actual certificates were traded is not clear, but somehow they managed to fail to deliver even then.