Lets return ET back to normal

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  1. The stupid crap being posted is ruining a good forum. Get back to talking about the market before we lose the people who provide helpful information.

    The NWS stuff needs to stop, some people view ET from their office or in the presence of children.

    I am not a mod, just a member who doesn't want to see this forum go to complete junk. :mad:
  2. Well, the first thing that occurs to me to point out, is that ET was never (at least in my experience) a "normal" environment. It has always been a little bit rowdy, and people (including myself) have always used "adult" language. Confrontation is common. What has happened I think is that the quality (perhaps the intelligence) of this crowd has diminished. Instead of trying to find value in the next guy or girl's post, it seems the pastime is to quickly attack and see just how much verbal insult one can apply. This tends to polarize the participants and things quickly go from bad to worse....I have certainly been caught up in it myself from time to time....

    Some of this may be unavoidable....In this anonymous environment, the borderline personalities who ordinarilly keep their crappy personalities to themselves (for fear of being beaten to death on the street) feel free to unleash themselves upon us all. Just read all the crap posts by T28 and his many alter egos. In my view this person has a significant emotional problem with Jack Hershey and simply will not let it go....He continues to assault the site with obnoxious comments and insults and apparently Baron has no way to limit his access.....So all of us are affected....What I see as a result is the migration away from the site.....by those of us who might have offered some interesting content....

    So if you want to really institute some change...you might want to start thinking of solutions....I got nothing here...Frankly unless someone starts kicking the weirdos off the site, I think what you see is what you get....

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    am sorry, I had no idea people would start bringing up elvis from dead

    and people like their cats etc :)
  4. and hemorrhoids
  5. its because we've had too long a bull market, too many little kiddies running around thinking their smart cause they brought when everything was going up.

    give the bear 1yr and the intelligence around ET will significantly increase
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  7. Interesting isn't it.

    What just happened was T28 showed up, and posted and a couple of minutes later....gone....

    either a moderator "erased" him, or he figured he had better just get out before someone threw him out.....

    Either way, the site is better off....

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    ET is a guilty pleasure. Almost everything on this site is to feed the advertisers a steady stream of wishful dreamers with $2000 accounts. There are many better places for insight.

    commoditiestrdr great spamming of the forum.
  9. There is only one way to make ET a "normal" site and that is through very strict moderation where threads are locked down liberally and members banned/ip addresses banned for the smallest offense. As well, it might also help to have people use a credit card and charge them a small fee for membership.

    However, there are two points to remember:

    1) The trader personality is usually that of a video game junkie. Somewhat juvenile, immature and impulsive. Banning members and locking down threads would alienate the general trader crowd.

    2) Baron wont make as much cash and not get the site hits if it were not for posters like Tim Sykes, Jack Hershey, myself, you name it. You have to admit that when Stocktrad3r posts it gets over a 1000 views instantly.

    You can like or hate the villians of ET, but the fact is that they place cash in Baron's pocket. These villians really bring in the site hits.
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