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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Hydroblunt, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. It's ok since I see you passed on a 50 cent rip where you could have taken 5-10k shares without a problem.

    At least you weren't me and got your stop hit at 45.36 around 1:30pm. That fucking specialist & his family should be gutted and fed to the dogs. Just un-fucking-believable, stock does 10 mil a day, he still goes after 500 shares.
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  2. Most likely not the the specialist.. Just an institutional top looking for an institutional bottom. Rinse lather and repeat.

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  3. It could have been RM, just to show you who is boss..

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  4. Nah,

    I just happen to walk out of the shower and watched it on the T&S as my stop was hit. If you saw the prints, you would know there was no institutional orders in that. Pure BS, he would not show the 45.37 buy limits in the book on the quote and almost nothing exchanged at 45.36, I think my 500 shares were half the print.
    Can't wait till these sh*t maggots are gone. That was the best position I put on today and to be knocked out like that, just plain wrong. If I ever see that specialist I'll stick my C*** so far up his @$$, I'll impale his tounsils.
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  5. JamesJ


    why a stop @45.37???
    i have placed my Stop below Day-Low, ie. 45.28...
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  6. a stock JPM rising 1.37%
    a good risk reward ratio?

    better off just trading DIA lol
    equal beta
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  7. $45.36, a little below the trendline. Stock was too tight to allow myself 10 or more cents to lose. I was in from $45.42.
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  8. Get a clue,


    Get a real trading account instead of that lame excuse of papertrading.
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