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  1. Live call of a good risk/reward.

    JPM long right now while it is at this price level. Hold till rest of the day, price target or stop out. Stop is relatively close, depending on which supports you prefer.
  2. I'm saying this to help you:

    $45 stocks with $0.50 typical daily ranges are NOT appropriate for that type of trade... unless the stock is experiencing an unusually high volume & volatility day, which is not the case here.
  3. JamesJ


    look at Goldman Sachs (GS) today... (earnings)
    i expected Citigroup and JPM to trade also higher, but Citigroup had some News and is trading lower...
    but JPM may be a good one today... if you bought @ 45.40

    european banks are trading mostly higher, they went up shortly after GS earnings...
  4. You should check what's going on in the industry today.
  5. X short 58.21 ---- stop 58.35
    VLO short 51.42 ---- stop 51.57

    YM short 11555 ---- stop 11559

    my positions right now

    cover at 2x risk or if momentum to downside accelerates hold till lows of the day get taken out
  6. short homes, len, ctx... around here. most are up around 3 to 4%. Most dailies on the homes are looking at a resistance. Shorting the housing basket here.
  7. I keep trying but they are chopping ppl out. I don't think there is much a move there, too many ppl got short on the way up. The up move was where it's at.
  8. i sensed a shakout in X so i moved stop to the days high....still short
  9. Come on man- this is RM you're talking to.
    You can always assume I already know about stuff like that.

    Forgive me for providing you with useful help.
  10. got out of VLO and X at +.50/share each and i got stopped out YM short at -3 ticks
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