Let's play the GURU Game....One chance

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  1. This is a free country, so no worries if you don't follow along (I won't care); however, here are my guidelines:

    1. NOT during regular market hours, tell us if next session market will FINISH UP OR DOWN.

    2. If wrong, please don't post on this thread again.

    3. If right, please continue

    Example, but this is NOT my official guru prediction:

    *******MONDAY S&P 500 will finish LOWER********

    you can exchange S&P 500 with anything; oil, stocks, etc..

    I just want to see if people can wait until the 100% set-up and be right after all their hard research and analysis.

  2. *******MONDAY S&P 500 will finish HIGHER********

    This is really kind of pointless... No actual trader has any clue which direction he is going to be trading until the market opens and patterns start to set up and support/resistance levels start to be tested.
  3. I agree, which is actually the point. The "gurus" do their newsletters the night before; however, they are usually WRONG and their entire newsletter is pointless. yes, people still pay.

    then you have the traders on the close that talk about how easy it was making 2k every single day for months with no losing trades.

    as a pure daytrader, you shouldn't even have an opinion the day before, but for some reason we all do. that hurts trading.
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    why did you star this thread then?

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    First, those you seek are most likely not posting at Elitetrader.com because their are hundreds of gurus at ET that don't even have newsletters because they have an audience here at ET. :D

    For example, I've listed a few below out of dozens of threads here in the "trading section" alone....dozens more scatter all over ET in other sections...

    Anybody Super Bullish on Oil @ http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=231755

    SPX/ES Market Outlook @ http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=234016
  6. Exactly!!!

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    Ras Ras Honduras
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    What's in it for me?.
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  10. Sorry - what is the point of this thread again?
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