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Discussion in 'Politics' started by balda, May 18, 2004.

  1. balda


    Can you guess who's chat room is this from?

    [15:57] <Newton> definitely! i did better today...still not great but felt i improved.
    [15:57] <Newton> i wish i had quit while i was ahead though...
    [15:57] <Newton> had a great first 1/2 hour

    Newton's got 3 more minutes to realize the potential profits.
  2. balda


    I like this one better

    [15:47] <Isabelle> I'm on a 11 day losing steak. What can you tell me ?

    [15:51] <Melch> Isabelle...don't feel bad, I've been getting my ass kicked the past few days as well

    [15:51] <Melch> bent over yesterday by RIMM

    [15:52] <Melch> I've seem to get in at the wrong time any every trade for the past 15
    [15:52] <djl> I've made only one good trade the past two days .. several losers. but the losers were break-even trades fot the most part
    [15:52] <Melch> 15 trades- not one winner
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    Good for U
  4. LiL"C"


    Best Day??