Let's Pay Bankers in Toxic Assets: Farrell

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  1. Bankers that created toxic assets like subprime-mortgage derivates should be paid in those assets instead of cash, which will bring about a more transparent and less reckless Wall Street, Vince Farrell, chief investment officer at Soleil Securities, said Monday.

    "The investment bankers who came up with all this toxic stuff should get paid with what they created," Farrell told "Worldwide Exchange." "Why don't you have them get some of this paper?"

    "If your own self interest is on the line, you might be a little more careful of what you trade," Farrel said.

    If the bankers were paid bonuses in toxic assets they would have to figure out what the paper is worth today and that would start to clear balance sheets and get the financial system back to a more normal state, he said.


    Excellent idea ! Credit Suisse is practising it !

    Credit Suisse bonus plan takes on risk of assets