Let's party like it is 1929!

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    Nevermind the bollocky (yes, that is a word) US government, who yesterday announced incoming financial easing just to realize this morning that they haven't made such a plan. And we are looking forward of 5 more years of this imbecility. (another word) Because who else if not Larry Kudlow is going to save us...

    So in this thread we should celebrate life as we know it. I want you to post a list of what you are grateful for. I will start. I am extremely happy that:

    1. I visited Italy last year, before the zombie apocalypse.

    2. I am not stuck on a cruise ship for weeks.

    3. I never opened an account with Robinhood.

    4. I am not 70 yet (bring it on, Covid!) and by the time I will be, my city (currently 400 miles from the coast) is going to be beachfront property anyway.

    For starters I think these will do. Don't forget, this party is BYOB!!!
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    "Never wish for a new king. He might be worse than the old one"
  3. %%
    even more so if its 1999 or 2009 again , more or less??
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    :D:D :D
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  5. Greatful for my family, Mom and Dad, God, and my trading career. Really greatful for everything, but it's not the end of the world guys. This happens time and time again. So, let's not lose hope on this. We go through all this together. We don't make anything, and we are only as good as our last trade. We only just trade. End of the day, one guy wins, one guy losses.
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    We are parasites, no redeeming social value. :(
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    Just to cheer you up, if you are profitable, you are paying taxes. Also you are a job creator, that can be important in high unemployment times. If you are disabled, you are taking care of yourself instead of the state doing that.

    Do you feel better now? Here, have a free beer!
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    Let's party
    Remarks like this is a reminder how little people know and yes how little traders know about the purpose of markets. Give yourself an education in capitalism.

    PS Communists would agree wholeheartedly that you are a parasite.
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    Thank you for your encouragement, drinks on me.

    What if I only trade my Roth IRA account, then I don't pay tax. :D
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    The purpose of the market is someone needs us amateur retails to provide liquidity. :D

    Kidding aside, I do appreciate living in the US instead of Venezuela, California instead of Baja California. Thankful I am a profitable full time trader, I am just amazed how unequal/unfair things often appear and how lucky I am.

    Have a nice day.
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