lets objectively look at Jack Hershey and his method

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    I am tired of Jack Hershey discussion,

    lets end it all with this post below by a guy with alias Slacker

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    the day Jack dies,

    I won't be happy or sad, but I will briefly say heh :D
  3. we have to wonder why the mods are censoring anything less than positive, hmmm is Jack in the house ?

    i agree let's end the babble - million other techniques out there that work just fine - let's move on to .... my techniques ! for sale of course :D
  4. So being tired of it means you should start a new thread about it?
    Makes sense!

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    It's just so stunning to see people questioning whether or not "his system works"!

    Just like Jack writes every now and then: "This guy needs a wake up call".

    Here's my call:

    "But, Jack..This man is in a deep coma! There is no way he will wake up without stimulating his subconscious".

    :cool: You see, this counts for 99.9% of the traders, they are better known as "The herd".

    :mad: But in all seriousness, I could agree it is quite frustrating for people who just do not get our 'drift'..
    However, this doesn't mean you should get rid of your dignity..

    In the beginning there seems to be little or no objectivity. You have to tune in your subconsciousness. Then after some time you will say to yourself:"Hey! of course..What was I thinking! How silly of me questioning his 'method'! It's not a method! It..it.. just IS.

    I call it 'The isness' .

    For the not so bright ones, here's a different one:

    You have this kid who wants to learn to play baseball.
    Alright, he joins some out-of-town Team. After a while, he then finally gets to swing the bat..
    First try is a fail, just as his second is..After 20 times he says to himself: "ah man, this is just Bull.. There's no way you can hit the ball.."


    A week later, the second training. He's still skeptic about whether or not that system works. Because after all, he NEVER got to hit the ball..

    He starts practicing again, and just like last time, he fails miserably at hitting the ball. "Ah man, I'm done! f*$k this, I'm doing it just like it's been written in these books, how is this possible!!'
    He's so upset and he starts cussing. "F*$k this coach, F*$k Jack, he's a lousy coach!!"
    Just as he's about the walk away from the training....

    The coach comes in and says: "Look kid, here're some tips, You have to focus on the ball and imagine yourself hitting the ball, it's like magic. It truly is.. also, give it some time..

    *Coach shows his swing* He hits the ball perfect, no hesitation, nothing.
    That hit was so stunning, the kid just stood there, speechless! He could not believe his eyes.

    Just as the coach starts heading towards the showers, he says to the kid: "You know, if you would truly believe in yourself, you woulnd't need ME to prove things work...you would just know you could get the job done."

    Moral of the story: Without the herd, there wouldn't be any champions:D

    I'm just kidding, moral is that when you need prove, evidence, whatever, you're already lost my friend.
    This is the difference between ART and SCIENCE

    PS: You should actually be ashamed of yourself, speaking of Jack like that. When you read my stupid analogy, picture yourself as that kid. wouldn't you be grateful if you just got the chance to even JOIN THE TEAM..ffs, the coach even gives you his time to give you the key (NLP).
  6. it works, im making 3x time intraday range with my hindsight paper trading. you are just a hater that knows nothing about trading.
  7. Is that all? I'm doing double hindsight and making twice that amount paper trading Jack's method.
  8. yea i know im still a newbie at this, can you open a journal? i would gladly follow i to leech off as much experience as i can off you.
  9. Wow. Scary post. I had no opinion of Hershey until now, but this sounds like the adulation of a brainwashed cultist.
  10. agree totally w ya - never paid any attention myself

    "I am you leader - you must follow me - yo u must never question me - my trading system works - buy my trading system - buy my trading system - buy my trading system..." :cool
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