Let's liberate Syria

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  1. Shalom fellow traders... the time has come to liberate Syria... the civilized world has just hit a terrorist camp near Damascus... I say we go ahead and make a regime change in Syria... God Bless USA & Israel in the battle against Evil...
  2. Shm'ah Izrael, I agree completely!

    The coalition of the willing (George Bush and Israel) should start the liberation with a strategy derived from shock and awe, a kind of new super-smart mind-bomb.

    What I think of precisely is to hack into Al-Jezeera, Al-Arabija and the local newspaper networks in order to broadcast genuine American hardcore porn to the opressed men in Syria.
    This should paralyze the entire male population and as a logical consequence Syria's army as well. All the jealous, furious muslim wives would then should do the killing.

  3. why don't you enlist??? you seem awfully quick to send my brothers off to war. have you thought about putting your life at risk?
  4. Great idea! I'm sure all the chickenhawks here are eager to go fight for their country.


    Become an army of one, Brother Candle!
  5. Arnie


    You may get your wish. Saw a blurp on the TeeVee yest (?) that said attacks in Iraq were more organized and that Syria was training and sending in recruits. We must not let this stand.
  6. I'd go after Iran first. Syria are small fries compared to Iran.

    It's a pity they used their "WMD" card up on Iraq, because Iran actually does appear to pose a legit, potential WMD "threat" (as in any country possessing the means to defend itself poses a threat). They probably could have done Iraq on a "refusing to comply with UN resoutions" basis -- the Euros would have still kicked up dust about it -- which in and of itself has no repercussions -- but the American public who supported the "WMD" war would probably have just as eagerly supported a "UN resolutions" war, especially with a bit of "911 connection" sprinkled in.

    I mean, they can still go after Iran -- maybe even in N Korea in a play for the trifecta? -- but the political backlash will be a lot stronger this time, I think. Then again, maybe they could try for one more shot at a WMD angle. I suppose because everyone thinks that such a thing would have no chance at all, actually trying it might just come to appear "Sincere" -- in a "we know it sounds crazy (in light of the still unlocated Iraq WMD), but we cannot allow petty political squabbles to blind us to The Truth of the danger posed by Iranian WMDs", or something grand and Greater Than Ourselves like that. Just crazy enough to work.

    What a boon that would be! First you play them off against each other in the Iran-Iraq war -- everyone knows it was in America's interests to see that thing prolonged -- and then you end up knocking .. I mean, liberating.. .them both.

    Now, you know the Pakistanis aren't going to like that, but by then who cares. Wait for, or concoct, a couple of suicide bombings or political assassinations of ranking Hindus in Kashmir and you probably get India to handle Pakistan alone. Or if they need you, you just jump in and clean them up from the west. Too easy.
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    That's amazing how American & Hebrew military has weapons that can ''take out trash'' but;
    leave most DISH & Sky Angel satellites.

    A time for war & a time for peace.
  8. C Robinson,

    I am not a trained soldier... but let's hope President Bush sends in our boys to sort out Syria... God Bless Israel and God Bless America in the fight against the Evil Doers...

  9. well the Army & IDF are always looking for a few good men. ....you don't seem so eager now....
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    That's why they went to Iraq and no to Iran or N.Korea. Cause they knew there is NO WMD in Iraq but there IS in the other 2.
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