lets just get back to 14000

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  1. i mean, why not?

    C back at 60
    AAPL at 200
    GE at 40
    GM at 42
    GOOG at 750

    and then maybe we can buy a studio in NY for 800k and grab a gallon of gas for $4.50

    what is everyone thinking??? this is insane. it was insane 18 months ago when people were getting loans with 600 credit scores that were interest only and negative amortization.

    who is going to say, "wait a minute" something is not right.

    i cant make money off this market, i am watching it go up and cant buy into this fraud. no intelligent person can be buying right now. they are buying high, and they are buying when it is clearly overbought, and when it is clearly overvalued. or they are all the smartest in the room. and as KRAMER says

    "you know nothing!!!"
    (that is a joke, by the way)

    seriously, please, one bull, take the time and tell me why you are buying equities. and why this is a smart deal. please tell me why you are a genious, fill us in. i will then start buying and drive the price higher for you, please share.
  2. Buy now because you are fully backed by the printing presses of the United States government.

    No big institution is going to fail going forward. That includes insurers or any other company the government deems too important to the overall economy. You ask, what about the moral hazard problem? We are way way beyond that at this point.

    The government manipulation is strong to the upside. Going short is trading against the government. Expect the largest pump you have ever seen by the government when we get to the 200DMA on the S&P500.

    BUY BUY BUY!!!

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    Delete this thread.
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    I am no Bull more like a Bullshitter...but the only reason needed is somehow, someway price seems to want up.

    I here ya. I got out of my longs and have been getting clobbered going short nontheless it want up and it wants more up...
  5. Suckling on Obama's yogurt shooter?
  6. I'm on this thread, so now you moderators can go ahead and delete it. (Those dirty rotten moderators deleted my thread probably because I hurt people's feelings.)

    In all seriousness, I believe in riding the bull for all its worth. We traders shouldn't have to worry because we can turn on a dime like a sports car - we can press the sell button at anytime. If we miss the top by a few points, what's the big deal? Nobody's perfect. So go and buy (in limited quantities) and ride this bull with me!
  7. I agree the emperor has no clothes.
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    but how long will he walk around naked?
  9. Until somebody makes fun of him.