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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Libido, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Libido


    Alright, new to this stock trading thing...

    I remember starting a journal helped me analyze my success and failures when I was becoming a Pick Up Artist, and I'm hoping it does the same thing here.

    I'm making a lot of stupid mistakes so far, and realizing I'm being a hasty trader. I've got a few stocks I'm watching, but have been missing so far AND taking hits on fees from the trades as I'm trading small amounts at the moment.

    My History so far:

    10/30/09 Bought 9550 of EVRM @ $0.03 -299.49
    10/29/09 Bought 66 of WEN @ $4.14 (Order #12) -286.23
    10/29/09 Sold 92 of AMD @ $5.00 (Order #11) 446.99
    10/27/09 Bought 92 of AMD @ $5.22 (Order #1) -493.23

    I do know what I'm doing isn't good, but I'm hopeful of my stock picks doing better before I sell them again. Expecting to deposit from today's paycheck, and to net $1000 invested each month.

    I used to drink and party a lot... its hard to believe I actually wasted more then this on drinks, club fees, and condoms. This is definately a better investment.

    I'm willing to take some pretty high risks right now, although once I've got more invested I'm looking to diversify into some longer term stocks. I think AMD will do well long term, as they have several key projects going and they have the fastest processor on the market ATM.

    So short term strategy for myself in day trading... pool money into groups of $1000, and at the moment not to buy with anything less than $500 to reduce these trading fee impacts. Etrade must love me about now.