Let's hear about your largest returning trades

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by commoditiestrdr, Jan 31, 2008.

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    Lets' hear about the largest returning trades you guys have made!
  2. I trade primarily grain and livestock spreads, and last year the march july spread got WAY out of whack, it went nearly a 3.00 dollar premium to the march side, which is not how it should be especially late in the year. Anyways I started piling on buy july sell march (Chicago wheat) and had nearly 10 on i believe that thing went from 2.60 to a dollar, It was a hell of a trade. It recently went back to 2.00 bucks and now is at about 50 cents. IT's still a great trade IMO
  3. None of my trades have returned yet.
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    Well, my best trade happens to be lucky. I was stacking orders in the Two year note future for 25 lots. (This was during asian market hours so stuff is SLLOOOWWW). Anyway, someone fat fingered for like a 2.5k lot (holy crap!) or something and 3 ticks worth of 25 lots (300 lots total) got taken out. Of course I freaked out when my spreadsheet said I just sold 300 two years.

    Anyway, right when all the offers got taken out for 3 ticks, they all reloaded in about 5 seconds at the original market levels. The black boxes already knew it was a fat finger (since none of the other treasuries moved at all). So I just lifted the offer with my 300 lot for an average of a 1.5 tick scalp (It was like 26k in about 10 seconds).

    Too bad this was company money. I didn't see a dime.
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    LOL :D you are a funny guy

    But I won't let you escape so easily

    Dear ETers, two faced joker is actually a real savvy trader that knows his shit and is up a lot by now

    sorry to blow your cover :)
  6. Watching the YM around 1pm a few weeks ago. Ticks hit the extreme 3 times in 5 minutes (near negative 1250 each time), but the price barely moved. It sat near the low of the day, and just couldn't seem to go any lower.

    I jumped in long, and the price stayed there for about another 10 minutes. I kept moving my stop closer, thinking that this thing is going to spring one way, hopefully my way.

    It shot North quckly, and kept moving up until around 3:15. I was very happy.

    I took my wife out for a nice dinner, and we reminded each other that it doesn't happen every day that you catch the bottom and top of a big daily move. Enjoy it when it happens, though!
  7. I suppose it is time for another face ehh? :p