lets go back about 8 YEARS for fun

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  1. JNPR trading at 240
    BRCM trading at 225
    PMCS trading at 225
    JDSU trading at 150
    CIEN at 150
    how bout all those B to B stocks(business to business) that were supposed to change the word; ARBA-TTWO-PPRO-CMRC
    RMBS was at 400
    QCOM at 700
    SDLI was at 400 and JDSU bought then out at 440 per share.
    AVNX,SCMR,AVCI. everyone talks about interent stocks but for get about the fiber optic stocks.
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    NTBK...which if my memory serves me right I saw go up 100 points in a 2 day period.....crazzzzzzzzzzy

    my friend was going to retire with his JNPR position in his etrade account....I had to hear it everyday right up until you know when.,...then i never heard a peep about it ever again.....:D

    that goes to show maverick74's point on how markets crash. more like a rug being pulled out from under than what is going on now...peace
  3. And look at the GIGUNGUS double tops in many of those stocks.
  4. You want winners? You want me to put my Cramer Berkowitz hedge fund hat on and just discuss what my fund is buying today to try to make money tomorrow and the next day and the next? You want my top 10 stocks for who is going to make it in the New World? You know what? I am going to give them to you. Right here. Right now.

    OK. Here goes. Write them down -- no handouts here!: 724 Solutions (SVNX:Nasdaq - news), Ariba (ARBA:Nasdaq - news), Digital Island (ISLD:Nasdaq - news), Exodus (EXDS:Nasdaq - news), InfoSpace.com (INSP:Nasdaq - news), Inktomi (INKT:Nasdaq - news), Mercury Interactive (MERQ:Nasdaq - news), Sonera (SNRA:Nasdaq - news), VeriSign (VRSN:Nasdaq - news) and Veritas Software (VRTS:Nasdaq - news).

    We are buying some of every one of these this morning as I give this speech. We buy them every day, particularly if they are down, which, no surprise given what they do, is very rare. And we will keep doing so until this period is over -- and it is very far from ending. Heck, people are just learning these stories on Wall Street, and the more they come to learn, the more they love and own! Most of these companies don't even have earnings per share, so we won't have to be constrained by that methodology for quarters to come.



  5. Kind of like this, eh?

  6. The individual stocks in the .com bubble were even more dramatic, if that's possible.

    Technicians need to keep in the back of their mind... this big 2X top in the SPX is THE Big Dog for overall strategy...
  7. Agreed. I am just trying to illustrate a point for some of the perma bulls. Guess I feel generous today.

    The golden age of intangibles has ended...

    Happy independance day! And remember to celebrate by purchasing some gold or silver eagles. Dont think about the recent commodity run. Just buy them and put in a safe for your kids/grandkids. They will love you more for it.
  8. yep,i remember all of them. just goes to show, a technical guy would have saved himself lots of money compared to the "buy and hold" fundamental types.
    JNPR had a p/e of 3000 bacl then and that double topped as did most others. kind of reminds me of the solar stocks.
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    Yes, you are right. But it works both ways. I'm sure you can find just as money stocks that have gone from pennies to hundred$+ in the same time.

  10. TIE--Oct 2002, 23 cents.......May 2006 $40

    HANS--May 2001, 38 cents.......Oct 2007 $67

    TASR--Oct 2002, 29 cents........Dec 2004 $31

    RIMM--Sept 2002, $1.47.........June 2008 $147
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