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Discussion in 'Politics' started by ertrader1, Dec 14, 2003.

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    I see a lot of post by a large % of very successful traders on this site. So, I see lets get together. We do it with the SPEC-LIST crew a few times a year, VIC NEIDERHOFFER host these events for succecssful Traders and others.

    So, I say we do the same. A weekend somewhere this winter. I say Miami. I love the ShoreClub, its perfect place to stay. We could rent out the Pool side and have a party. If we get enought members to pitch in a 1000, we could reserve the poolside at the Shoreclub for a day/evening.

    There is plenty to do for both old and young in SouthBeach. I know Surfer's in, that guy loves parties.

    This is not a trading convention. The purpose is to relax and enjoy the byproducts of success and what better place to do it than South Beach. Oh, yea, MIAMI BEACH IS TOPLESS just in case the fella's wanted to know.

    Give me ur thoughts on this. The pricess at the ShoreClub range in rooms. From 400 a night to 1000. Depends on what view you like, room size etc. We can get a group rate which would average around 400 a night for each person with great views.

    Im thinking somtime in FEB.
  2. As long as Optional777 is not coming( I'm scared of him ).... I'll consider... :p

    But you play the music, eh?
  3. er,

    i am down for the party. miami beach, topless brazillian models, and one of the top dj's on the planet. what could be better ??

    do you have your own sound system ? i was thinking of hosting an event at my house in the summer.... a mini vic party!?

    keep me in the loop.


    surfer :)
  4. I'm in, but I will require hot teen sluts.:cool:
  5. Bwahahahahahahhahah.....

    Where's the PARTY at!!!!!


    Good Trade!!!