Let's Get Real About Pedophilia!

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    Source: http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Temp/Temp-BirdmansWeeklyLetter.html

    As long as it isn't legalized, powers behind the scenes, in particular one that not many people dare to talk about, will continue to use it as a blackmail instrument. We either get rid of the criminals, or legalize pedophilia.
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    Come on NAMBLA nazi boy, I dare you to trot out all of your other aliases to 'agree' with yourself on this issue!

  3. why are you defending pedos

    you now may begin to defend yourself LOL
  4. You meant to address that question to <b>him</b>, not me- right?
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  6. You're a sick puppy, wake-up.

    You need to meet up with the resident troll. The two of you seem to share certain warped thoughts regarding pedophilia.
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    Although I can see your point, i think that's a rather controversial statement to make.It goes too far. In my view the problem can be dealt with by other means. Blackmailed people should simply not be in office; if the few that where caught as pedophiles would be hung as a warning for other aspiring pedophiles-in-government, that would certainly scare them off.
  8. Why are you responding to a post that you yourself made under a different username?
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    Tragedies of the first half of the last century resulted in the fact that degeneracy has been forced upon us. As as we have refused to reject the degeneracy, why not surrender and accept it all? Especially knowing that It will be legitimized within 100 years despite the brave efforts of several mondern day Don-Quichottes among us...
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