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  1. New York Times

    "Humans kill 73 million sharks every year, nearly all for consumption, mainly in shark fin soup".
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    How many sharks are born each year that will survive to maturity?
  3. By killing 73 million sharks; how many fish are we saving? 700 million?
  4. By killing 73 million sharks then saving 700 million Larger Fish which sharks eat how many smaller fish are we killing, who get eaten by the larger fish, billions?:D
  5. sharks are pretty cool.... but it's about time fairness be restored to the oceans
  6. Freakin marine biologists here... LOL....

    Sharks are the janitors of the ocean and eat weak fish that otherwise ocean parasites would eat. Ever catch a fish smothered in sea lice? Not a good sight. I'd rather have the shark eat it so the disease doesn't spead. Sharks aren't stupid. They don't waste energy chasing healthy strong fish unless they are REALLY hungry.

    Other sharks eat mammals (sea lions, seals, small whales) and guess what those mammals eat? Fish.

    Messing with the balance of nature has unintended consequences.

    Not that we have to fear sharks depleting our Oceans... we humans are doing that job well enough.
  7. Shark bailout will take care of this.
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    Sharks produce CO2. I thought you libtards were against CO2 production? What's the problem?

    And if we really are killing 73,000,000 sharks (1 for every 82 people on the planet), then we need a federal investigation into why shark meat is so damn expensive!
  9. If all sharks were extinct - you wouldn't notice any difference. I mean, we've already got 73 million of 'em and nothing's happened that anyone can point to.

    For the animal rights people who reprimanded the President for killing a fly - don't sharks mercilessly rip the entrails out of billions of smaller fish?

    Let's kill all the sharks and crocodiles - they're nasty animals.
  10. I've been fishing the ocean most of my life. From what I have seen, and what old timers have told me, the Ocean isn't what it used to be.

    If you want to call me a libtard for my observations, go ahead. The ocean's biomass is crashing. It's as plain as that. Ever heard of the theory the tragedy of the commons? That's what we have happening. Check out the Sea Of Japan and whats happened there. And those Japanese are now not too far off our coast.

    I thought "conservatives" were pro environment? Wasn't TR the first pro environment President and a Republican? If he was alive today, he would be ashamed at a lot of what passes off as "Conservative Republicanism."
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