Let's get everyone working again. Start world war 3

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bat1, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. bat1


    It's that simple.

    World wars do great things. Everyone will have Jobs again!
  2. Behind every fortune lies a great crime.
  3. Bat1 for USA president. Vote for Bat1.
  4. They will have a job if they don't die in the war.
  5. Wars are great for wealth destruction.

    We've accomplished wealth destruction without firing a shot or declaring a war with our current financial crisis.

    Perhaps people will start working again once the smoke has cleared.
  6. Why don't we just constantly be at war with each other? That way everyone will ALWAYS have jobs!

  7. JamesL


    2 wars ain't enough? We still have 10% unemployed with these ongoing wars. How will another one help, other than throwing more cannon fodder into play?
  8. JamesL


    It would, in theory, thin out the applicant pool, don't you think?
  9. op seems to have forgot that wars are the cause of the majority of the debt that countries accumulate.

    I guess he wants a never ending cycle

    war, more debt, war, more debt, war, more debt,

    sounds like the answer to all are short term problems
  10. Handle123


    Are you going to volunteer and lead by example to be the first one onto the beach? If the enemy doesn't kill you first, got to wonder how many of your fellow comrades behind you will do when they know you suggested World War III.

    Huge possibility the next World War we will lose going up against China.
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