Let's flatten one of 'em and put an end to it already

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Jun 7, 2002.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/south_asia/newsid_2029000/2029557.stm

    From the article:

    "World leaders would try to mediate, but it is probable this would be a fight to the finish.

    Nobody can predict the stage at which nuclear weapons could be involved.

    India's defence secretary stated that India does not know Pakistan's "nuclear threshold".

    But he said if there is a nuclear strike by Pakistan: "We will retaliate and must be prepared for mutual destruction on both sides."

    Rarely can there have been a more chilling message."

    I say fuck 'em. The closest the world has ever come to nuclear war is between these two, and the true risk is that BOTH nations unload their nuke arsenals on each other. I don't know about you, but the last thing I need right now is radioactive fallout all over my planet. What I think the best solution is would be to pick one (flip a coin, I could care less how it's decided) and flatten one of them with our nukes surprise-attack style and put an end to the problem. Better them than me. Or you. This way we don't have as much fallout everywhere. Control the losses, that's what you gotta do.

    Who's causing the problem here? Why should the rest of the world pay for their stupidity when there are other solutions??? Fuck diplomacy - we only use it when it suits our own needs anyway.

    Another alternative would be to say "ok, we're tired of you two morons bothering each other, and the last thing we want is to have to clean up tons of radioactive debris. You can either surrender all of your nuclear weapons, or face an allout attack from the US/UK/France etc. and we will take them from you, like it or not."

    I mean, how long has this been going on for? Take their nuclear weapons (one way or the other) and let them fight it out between each other with their tanks, planes, and guns.

    What the fuck have I been spending time with doing recycling and buying fuel-efficient cars that drive like golf carts, when these two piles of shit are just going to hit a switch and basically make all of my efforts to make the world a cleaner place pointless???

    Why should we be patient with them? Treat them like the little children they are and slap 'em around until the problem goes away.

    Just my 0.02...thanks for listening...
  2. Babak


    wow! that is outside the box thinking!:D :D
  3. js1257


    I believe that it is the al qaeda and taliban pukes working inside pakistan that are doing all the bullshit and attacks. Pakistan needs to reign in and or just kill all of these assholes. I think Indias nuclear arsenal is 3 times bigger and better than pakistans so there would be an almost no contest as india could destroy more or pakistan than pakistan could do to india. They are probably making trouble so that pakistan will move troops from the afghanistan border. Good thing you are not a government official in either of those countries.
  4. Go bungrider baby! Extreme situations require extreme measures!

    I don't know whether we nuke em, the radioactive effects will be the same regardless of who's bombs they are. But bung is right about one thing, the moment this goes nuclear, it's about more than just Pakistan vs India. We are all part of Mothership Earth! We can't let these two primitive fucks take us down with 'em!!

    And what's this stupid war gonna be all about?? You guessed it - religion.

    I sound totalitarian, but believe me, I hate the fact that wars are a necessary evil. I reckon we take India's side, even if it's just an excuse to squelsh those fundamentalist fuckers in Pakistan.
  5. WWII was essentially won with the aid of two secret weapons: the atomic bomb, and the Ultra code breaking machine (which was really the first programmable computer, only the public never got to hear about it at the time ). I believe that the US military never forgot this lesson about having secret technology waiting in the wings. I believe that even after WWII projects like Manhatten continued on and have continued on even up to now. I believe there is a whole level of technology that only the US Dept of defense has in its possession. So I think that if India and Pakistan start to trade nukes, the exchange will be immediately interrupted by something nobody's ever see or heard of before.
  6. tuna


    Ah ok so Afghanistan, Israel,Palistine and Iraq ain't enough?
    now you wanna add Pakistan and India to the list huh?
    Don't you think you've got enough fingers in enough pies as it is?
    Take a look at a world map it does'nt just say USA
    Seems to be enough crap going on without starting more
  7. stevet


    someone should remind india and pakistan that they are actually right next to each other - they better close the door after they throw a bomb - or else they are going to get the fallout back in their own front room
  8. That's more India's problem. Pakistan can just lob one over to the other side of the country and let Bangladesh (another enemy) cop the fallout.
  9. Normally, I'm totally with you on that one. However, this dispute between India and Paki is essentially "holding the world hostage" - I mean, seriously, this goes way way WAY far beyond a bunch of AMATEURS flying a plane into buildings. That (however brutal and barbarian) is bush-league sega-shit in comparison to polluting the world with kilotons of fallout. This goes far beyond terrorism, in the way that the US bombing of Japan goes unpersecuted for war crimes - the Japanese still experience an unnaturally high rate of birth defects as a direct result of bombing them, and apparently, they're currently OK with this...I wouldn't be.... What do you think will happen when nuclear weapons with 20x the destructive power of the 1950's nukes go off all over Pakistan and India??? It will be totally fucking unreal...four-headed goldfish for dinner, baby...

    In this case, I am not rooting for a direct US attack of these potentially immortal nations; rather, I am interested in an international resolution to prevent the kinds of things that are currently staring us in the face....and if these morons are ready to kill each other, I'd rather kill them before they have a chance to see what nuclear war is like...

    As for your "US sucks" thing, I couldn't agree more. Bush is making afghanistan his diversion, (especially from Cheney's shady energy-fraud past), just like his father scapegoated Iraq, just like reagan attacked libya. I'm excited for the next election, when people one again realize they fucked up by electing republicans...they promise the world, but until they invent alchemy, they can't fuck you in the ass and profit at the same time.
  10. tuna


    Bungrider great to see you've mellowed over a day or two,we've gone from nuking the fuk outa either of em over to some diplomatic international resolution...Do you mind if i hold onto that suitcase for ya(the one with the buttons in it)??
    P.S I was'nt saying US sucks,I'm old enough to remember some history,all i was saying is there's 101 pages in an atlas not just 1.
    Let us know when your running for Pres, i'm moving to mars
    #10     Jun 10, 2002
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