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  1. For the past 3 years I used to make a killing playing online poker. I loved it, I came up with the great system of playing poker unlike few poker players, however it was a lot of hard work. In the beginning I ended up reading about 25 books on the subject, running computer simulations, posting and reading many ?s on the poker forums, going to Las Vegas paying $300 / hr for lessons from the greatest poker theorist David Sklansky. It was a ton of hard work (especially finishing college at the same time), but it paid off and I enjoying every bit of the process.

    In the beginning of November of 2006 many of the online poker sites shut down. I had and still have the option of playing poker at the local casino, but once your use to the win rate and the action you can get playing poker online it is hard to go back. So I decided to look at other options. I tossed around several options like sports betting, horse betting, and blackjack, however I finally decided to go after trading. After reading my first book “The Stock Trader” by Tony Oz, I knew this was something I could take seriously.

    For the 1st month, I did nothing but read books and forum posts (on elite trader wasn’t a member of TradeStation yet). I then opened up an account at interactive brokers. My friend (former poker player) decided to join me on the path to become a trader. We applied what we read in books like “Day Trading” by Joe Ross, “Technical Analysis from A-Z”, “Techniques of Trade Reading” and a couple other I can’t remember to the market. We ended up losing just a little.

    Eventually I came across TradeStation. I was impressed with their philosophy how you write specific rules for entries and exits and test them on a computer. So I was going to take the plunge and learn easy language. At this point my roommate gave up, and I was on my own. I learned Easy Language and can say that this has been one of my accomplishments, being able to code mostly anything that I wanted to. I finally found my home amongst all the options that you could take trading.

    I started to fool around with some ideas, but then I realized I could benefit from reading some books. So I read “New Trading Systems and Methods”, “Mastering the Trade” by John Carter, and “Creating winning trading systems for tradestation” I’ve also read many posts, and many questions.

    I’ve read and used many of the things in the Easy Language Library like TheRumpledOne’s Trend indicators, NickM’s next move. I’ve read through all the highlighted posted in the Strategy Trading & Money management section. I’m spent a lot of time learning about optimizations, using out of sample dating, I know what is over fitting and what is not, I read chapter 21 on New Trading Systems and Methods (the chapter on system design) many times to learn how to test correctly, I know how how to do XY scatters on excel to determine optimization levels, I know how to do surface plots in excel.

    I’ve created about 50 or so strategies. From 1 min to 60 min, I’ve tried breakout systems, trend systems, momentum systems, even some unique ones that I found myself, I’ve coded things in books, like Joe Ross’s book and John Carters book. I’ve read a little bit about exits, like LeBeau’s exits his yo yo, chandelier, and parabolic exits, tried those out on my strategies.

    I’ve learned a lot; however I really haven’t been able to come up with something profitable enough to trade. My systems are getting better and better, but I’m missing something… perhaps I’m not putting enough into my exits, perhaps I’m not filtering correctly. I just feel it would be immensely helpful to end up working with someone… to get some fresh blood into my systems. To see ideas they have, what worked, what didn’t, and to share my own experiences as well. I’m posting all this to show exactly where I am, what level I am at. I don’t expect any of the “big ballers” to work want to work with me, but if you are kinda near the same level, let’s see if we can possibly work together. I’m looking for someone who’s very serious about figuring this out. PM ME if interested.

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    Can you teach me how to program first? lol.. weird no one has replied to this
  3. I will probably get flamed for this but I really dont think it is hard to find something that actually has an edge. The hard part is doing it. Doing the same thing over and over again, patiently waiting for the exact setup and following all the rules when you get it. I do think it is extremely hard to find an edge that can be automated.

    p.s. I play poker online every day. I havent notice all that much change.
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    It has been really difficult for me, I'm years down that road. I'm currently trading live and simplifying what I do with the goal of being able to automate it.... and feeling like I might accomplish that soon but I'm incurably optimistic too.
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    Our friend has described vividly the path almost all traders have travelled....

    What you are missing my friend is that trading is mostly an ART....no method or system can be profitable all the time.These are the bad news.

    The good news is that YOU can be consistently profitable.Not your system,you!

    The secret has a name and it's risk control and money management.So,find a simple,good system,a system with simple and clear rules,apply good risk control and money management and you will be profitable.

    Believe in your system,follow it with faith and discipline and it will reward you generously.

    P.S And please,stop reading books and trying systems on tradestation or any other platform.There is no holy grail in trading....I know of people who have tried everything for many years and they are always at the beginning......
  6. where are you located?
  7. Nice post!!! I want to learn how to use Tradestation now!!!
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  9. If you are in LV, give Jon Letto a call. That is why I asked.

    He is terrific trader who has poker background.

    Sorry about the pigeon I wasn't thinking.
  10. Interesting, when you learnt to play poker you say you paid a guru for advice.

    However when it comes to trading you want to share ideas with a novice?

    I think the first approach is better, find a good trading mentor.
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