Let's disable the start system for rating posts.

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  1. Almost all my posts get rated 1 star by retards. I usually don't rate my own posts but when I see it rated 1 start I have to give it a 5 to balance out.
  2. Aboveyou


    and you care about such things

    good god kill me now
  3. I've never rated any of your posts but this one is a........ drumroll....... suspense........ 1!!!
  4. There are loser stockbrokers who hang out here and frown on any thread that rings true and casts pessimism on the integrity of the markets - their livelihoods depend on people buying into their bullshit, and business hasn't been so great for them lately.

    I am the first one to admit I don't dare trade, because I have enough wealth to retire now if I wanted to, and am in conservation mode given what I perceive to be treacherous waters, but these stockbroker losers? They can't trade, either, so they need investors to pay them commissions for dispensing the shit advice they give out, when their clients, in reality, would be better off throwing darts at the stock listings (this has been proven to be true year after year by the Wall Street Journal).

    The next stop for washed out stockbrokers is appliance or car salesmen.
  5. interesting web site
  6. At the very least, the system should let us know who is rating threads and what star level they're rating them.

    To the person(s) rating every one of my threads one star, I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS.
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  8. LOL, that is hilarious!