Let's compare performance - Post your performance YTD (w/broker Screenshot)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nexen, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Nexen


    Post yours and let's keep it honest along with a few personal comments of approval or dissapointment.

    Idea is to learn from our experiences.

    Please do not participate unless you got a broker screenshot to back it up.

    Here's mine.

    Doing well daytrading, consistent but still trading the piker size, if the end of the year ends well, I'll double the size next year yet again, which is precisely what I did in the beginning of 2010.

    Trading with patience.


  2. Give it a rest with the bogus broker screen shots.

    Post some live trades, scammer.
  3. Bob111


    what's the point? you got 11K..i got 111K..somebody else got 1111K now what?
  4. How does looking at a snapshot of a blotter help anyone learn anything?
  5. Bob111


    exactly..it's looks more like this-
  6. LEAPup


  7. Does that screenshot say that he began with $29k and lost $18k? That's one way to make $11000 . . .
  8. Nexen


    Well, first of all, thank you for the ET love, always so charming.

    No, its not about comparing penises, you really think I give a crap about 11k before taxes by August?

    The fact that I was accused of Photoshop for a lousy 11k is so ridiculous it really shows how bad that 95% really bite people in the ass.

    It's similar to the P/L thread except this one has accumulation which I think its more telling.

    One can learn from others by sharing the experiences, what went wrong what went right, but this is way too much to ask from ET.

    To the above poster, billy something, the #s represent Winners - Losers and then the net, why must you be so antagonistic?

    Here's how August is looking so far.

    Ya it's not a lot, but Im proud of my progress, been sticking to my plan, discipline has been good and was just looking for some trading talk, but whatever, wrong place it seems.

    2011 new size if this keeps up. Should end year at around 15k or so. With new size and same consistency in 2011 Im looking for 25-30k, and well such the story goes, slowly but surely.

    For anyone that cares I trade 100 shares of SPY sometimes 300 QQQQ via IB, paying 1 dollar per 100 shares per side.
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  10. Lucrum


    Here's a screen shot. Check out the occupation.

    (Must be why you can't afford the $50 you owe me.)

    #10     Aug 29, 2010