Let's compare OIL charts/signals

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  1. Hello,

    I only trade currencies but have been keeping a close eye on OIL as the Canadian dollar seems to have a course of it's own and some correlation with the price of Crude.

    Now I don't pay for a live feed as it is something I mostly monitor Day-to-Day and on Bloomberg if I want to see the latest quote.

    Here is my question after today's session ended I was comparing intraday charts from futuresource and I'm getting some discrepancies on today's LOW.

    I have attached a picture of two charts one showing the ELECTRONIC session and one with a DAY / FLOOR session.

    E - Low - 64.65
    D - Low - 64.20

    The Nymex webpage also shows the low as 64.65, now is this a Futuresource mistake, bad tick, ghost trade, what ??:confused:

    Can onyone post a picture of a different signal provider showing the DAY/FLOOR session to confirm or debunk this range ?:confused:
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  2. 64.65 from CQG
  3. Lucrum


    6465 according to eSignal for CL
    and 64675 for the QM contract.
  4. Thanks, looking at the chart again it must be just a BAD tick :eek: