Let's Clone QuoteTracker!

Discussion in 'Programming' started by econowillie, May 15, 2012.

  1. I for one am very willing to work on creating an open source trading platform that runs and looks like QuoteTracker. Is anyone else interested?

    QuoteTracker is much to good a platform to be allowed to simply wither away. I have a fantasy that someone will put the original Delphi source code onto the inet so it can be obtained via torrent or something similar. But that probably won't happen, so I'm proposing that we(?) make a replacement platform, either using an existing open source program as a basis or coding a new one from scratch.

    I don't think this project would be as daunting as might first appear. QT is highly modular, with its various features simply being added to the basic charting and live trading code as desired by the users. The original QT was coded in Delphi, which is a pretty good language, but of course a clone could be done in any language acceptable to the coders.

    While I've done a fair bit of coding over the years, I'm not a pro at it, but can certainly code specific modules under the direction of some angel who has control over the effort and is willing to do the job.

    Think about this, and let me know if you're interested.
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    My thoughts: QuoteTracker is still flying and I am for flying on while looking for more gas to keep QT flying. We do not know if, when, how, or where this TDAT QT situation will go or end. When we can no longer keep QT going, we can then do the next best thing which may or may not be writing a program similar to QT.
  3. I suspect a full clone of QT , DEBUGGED!, would require many 1000's of man hours.

    Of course, it would be a lot easier than the apocalyptically complex code is must take to run that billion dollar bargain, Instagram.
  4. Could be done (without getting hold of the original source code) by starting with a data base, a charting module and a trading window, each coded separately. None of these are very tough to create and all exist in various open source programs easily obtainable. Once those core parts exist, the source code for it can be make public and anyone who wants an additional feature can code it themselves. The features (indicators, screens and etc.) could then be incorporated in the core program, if the writer desired.

    The point isn't to completely duplicate QT from the start, but rather to create a base program with the same style and utility, providing a basis on which a reliable trading platform can be built. Once the basic program exists, we would have a QT out of the way of commercial restrictions.

    Of course, if the QT Delphi source code was available things would be even easier.

    All that's needed is an angel at this point.
  5. Spoken like someone who's coding experience begins and ends with