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  1. passi


    hello !

    i want to trade the uer-usd by oanda... for a backtest of my system i need intraday datas of oanda. i noticed that the datas i have are very very diffrent to the oanda quotes...

    oanda offers 1 month intraday quotes for 12$. that means one year will cost 180$...

    7 years will cost 1260 $

    if we are enough people we can share the cost and we have good datas, maybe 3 yeras intrada will be enough to test

    are there other guys with same interests?

  2. achilles28


    I've thought of this before. Yes, I'm in.

    Good data is ridiculously expensive. I want the majors, tick going back at least 4 four years.

    Pm me and lets dicuss.
  3. 377OHMS


    Actually that is a very clever idea.

    Someone could start a BearShare type file sharing service and charge a small monthly fee like 5 bucks to cover development of the front end.

    Use of BitTorrent comes to mind.

    One issue would be data formats and some standard(s) would have to be used. Kinda tough in a distributed environment but not impossible.

    Other issues would be data integrity and accuracy. It probably would not be possible to validate data in a centralized fashion.

    It could start with just shared data but as the subscriber base grew the sharing service could purchase data retail to augment the content.

    I don't think the data retailers would totally freak because I'm guessing that at least half the content would be data that folks collected themselves. Sure, some folks would supply data they purchased retail but I don't think that would dominate the traffic.

    The idea of being able to easily get data is extremely attractive.

  4. Except of course this is usually illegal. Nearly every data provider I've used specifically says that you are not allowed to redistributed the data. So.. it'd have to be on the downlow.

  5. They have a "tick" tape for forex cash market? Is there even centralized data for interbank market?
  6. achilles28


    Yes, in most cases it is 'illegal' as the data is copyrighted. Oh well.

    Discretion is a must.

    There are a few reliable sources affliated with O&A for tick data going back years.

    The details should be discussed off the forums.
  7. achilles28


  8. achilles28


    Interesting idea but contributors could easily get burned.

    Its possible the big time data vendors proprietary stamp their data to prevent widespread file sharing like in the scenario you just outlined. Basically a embedded hidden serial number that accompanies each data set sold enabling identification of the original sharer/purchaser by the vendor.

    For arguments sake, I only want in if a few members (2-15) make a gentlemen’s agreement to share data only amongst themselves.

    Indiscriminate sharing is only going to promote reckless downloading and up the chances of the whole idea going to shit. If you know what I mean.
  9. passi


    when i started the discussion, i didn't thought about the topic illegal copying :)

    and i don't want to make a running institution of it like selling every month and so on even when it will be attractive.

    i thought, that some people can be treated like an investmentclub. and the datas won' t be selled to other people...then the people in the "investmentclub".

    i agree the way achilles28 is thinking. i don't want to provoke any bullshit and prefer a group of gentleman.

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