Let's bomb Saudi Arabia...

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  1. Saudi Arabia is the true enemy of the Civilized World, not Iraq...

    We went and bombed the WRONG country... the Civilized World will respect us more if we quit Iraq and bomb Saudi Arabia hard... nuking Mecca would be a great start, in my opinion...

    I leave this forum open for your comments...

    God Bless the Civilized World...
  2. Now you mention it, yeah, why the fuck not?
  3. Why not just bomb everywhere. When there is no one left, there'll be no more fighting over our differences. Problem solved.


  4. No... let's simply bomb these countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Syria...

    Then the Civilized World will be rid of the majority of the terrorists...
  5. No... let's simply bomb these countries: ........, Iran, ........


    Watch your mouth, You Mother Fucker
  6. What's the problem?? Iran is EVIL... they fund Hamas and Hezbollah to terrorize Israel... we should bomb Iran...
  7. The salient question is not who to bomb but which bombs to use. Should we use 15,000 ton Daisy Cutters or some nice juicy nukes? I'm leaning towards the latter, but haven't yet done a full cost-benefit analysis. After all, it's conceivable that an H-bomb costs substantially more to produce than a high yield conventional weapon. Hence, we wouldn't want to waste the nuke inventory unnecessarily on bombing a geography and populace back to the Stone Age when they're virtually already there.
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    I'm only replying to this thread because you, Candy, started it...

    There's only two solutions.

    One entails full force and violence: wars and bombs as you suggested.

    The other entails zero force and violence: Reasoning, talking, compromise and tolerance.

    The main problem the USA has in the Middle East now is that it is not using either one or the other to the extreme.

    As Gore points out, the USA is doing little more than "enraging" Islamics, assuring ourselves "an endless state of war" (Soros).

    To... how shall we say... win... we must either use full compliance techniques on the Middle East AND the rest of the world - bomb them into full submission - or WE must lay down OUR arms.

    Doing a variation of both is getting us nowhere.

    The day comes we tell the world, "Look, bullets, bombs and guns are now declared illegal for any person or nation to bear. Anyone who fires a shot will be killed instantly along with all inhabitants within the general proximity." you will have one way to peace and to end all ongoing violence.

    However, half the world will probably need to be murdered and killed this way by the US military, Iraeli military helicopter-execution style. Yes, it is extreme (bordering on insanity?) but it WILL eventually END violence by advanced weaponry among the human race because everyone who commits violence by advanced weaponry will be sanctioned by the US military.

    This would be just a minor extention of the current Bush administration's ways and means of establishing his half-baked fanaticism and obsession version of world peace through his and his pastor's own interpretation of mainstream "Christianity."

    Will any of this ever happen?



    Everyone has a guilty conscience and everyone gets what they deserve.

    There ARE no innocents among mankind. Everyone deserves to die, THAT is why everyone does.

    The Bible even indicates that God Himself will KILL the entire human race at the end of time (apart from true Christians who accepted His Son as their Savior).

    There appears to be only two religions on the planet established by Almighty God. Islam (the avenging hand of God on Earth and upon mankind); The other is Christian Faith (opposite of the false religion called "Christianity.") that provides for true salvation for the souls of mankind - whosoever believes in and accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

    ALL ELSE is simply twists and perversions of these two religions. ALL else - no exceptions.

    It is how the Kingdom of God uses God's system of checks and balances to keep everything and everyone in line.

    The true Christian Faith makes no provision for violence. The Islamic religion is structured and rooted in violence and revenge.

    Excellent post, Candy.

  10. Thanks coinz... you are a True Brother...
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