let's be careful out there....

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  1. In just the past week, a naked man ate a homeless guy's face in Miami, a New Jersey man threw his intestines at police, a Canadian porn star killed a man and ate parts of his body before mailing other parts to government officials, a Maryland man killed his roommate and ate his heart and brain, and a Staten Island pizza parlor owner nommed a dude's ear.


    let's be careful out there....
  2. You know what the perps all have in common?

    None of them had their civil rights violated.

    Years ago we had a place for the mentally ill, it was called a nuthouse. Well the states closed the nuthouses because the future of nuthouses was the inmates were going to run the asylum. This would put the workers at the nuthouse in grave danger. So we closed the nuthouses and gave these mentally ill people a membership to the Y.
  3. Sounds like the stock market

  4. investment banker and psychopath (rape, torture, murder, necrophilia and cannibalism)
    full circle..

  5. pspr


    I think it is just a few democrats coming to the realization that Obama probably won't be re-elected. It drives them to cannibalism.
  6. His EBT card limit was up for the month.
  7. LOL:D