lets allmove to holland..

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  1. In holland there is a legal minimum wage of i think approx 9 euros/ hr- not bad considering alot are bums- hence u work in macdonalds flipping burgers and get 9 euro- by law- whats it in the states?
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    Holland is half way through an Islamic conversion

    Unless you're a Muslim or planning to convert you may want to reconsider
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    we move in and fight back :p
    i doubt that the muslims can handle white trash beer belly occupation..
  4. true- as a famous man once said- in 2100- the white christian will no longer exist in europe- that muslim bunch will take over the world.

    Maybe hitler was correct after all
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    why not make it 10euro? then u would go.
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    It is too much hassle for an average person to go through the hurdles of the immigration laws + learn the Dutch language. Although every local in Amsterdam speaks very good English, I'm sure most restaurnats in the Netherlands request that employees speak good Dutch.
  7. On the contary- in holland they speak perfect english.Never known a foreign country speak such good english.I am English, so it is a obvious advantage- I like the dutch, but not sure if I could live there,i like their attitude though
  8. Legal hookers and pot. That's good enough for me already!

    What a stupid thing to say, you fucking redneck trash.
  9. My gawd! No hookers and Hash in Red Light District. Say it won't be so!
  10. A major Islamic set permits temporary marriage from 3 hrs to 99 years. All u need is marriage contract, a bride price and 2 qualified witness (male over 21). Instead of going to a hooker, u take a temporary wife. Much more respectable.
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