Let's all use software to envelope NYSE and see what happens!!

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    Let me predicate what will happen if your proposals are implemented. Quite simple, they just make a rule or rules like option exchanges do. For example, option exchanges require you to enter order manually, for example using a mouse. This makes you operation "illegal". If you are losing money, it is fine. If they find out you are making money consistent, your account is LOCKED! F*ck. Lock one's account free money by bastards. Son of b*tches.

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  2. Right.
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  3. Diasterous....

    The capitalization of the NYSE Order Routing Clerks exceeds most of our collective best traders that actively posts on these boards. We haven't even begun to discuss the Specialists capitalzation or their backers' capitalization.

    If they should get wind of this collective strategy, and notice the pattern, the first thing that they might do would be to turn off the Market NX (NYSE+) order routing method. The second thing they might do is to widen the spreads and start taking excessive fills on both sides of the Bid and Ask. This would be a similar move and have a similar effect of running through all the shorts.

    The question I have for you is what would this accomplish, other than just establishing a position in said stock?

    What do you do with that stock once, you're say, short and they raise the market over $.50, and you're immediate P&L goes into the Deep South?
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    why will you need traders then?

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