Let’s be honest, if health-care passes Obama is a two term President

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  1. Out hoping the great hoper


    Obama Obama Obama. A name that evokes passion (and divides) so many.

    Not even a year has passed since he stepped into the Circular Office and everywhere you read, everyone and their dog has a bone to pick with the President. “Why is Gitmo still open? Why are we still in Iraq? Why are we still in Afghanistan? Where are the jobs? Where’s our rights?”

    There is also an interesting narrative that is starting to creep through into mainstream media suggesting that Obama will be a one term President – really?

    “This isn’t the change we voted for”- insert blog author/ TV pundit/ Politician name here.

    For a man that has managed to save America’s economy which was on the brink of flat lining, committed to closing Gitmo in his first week and is in reaching distance of health care reform, he’s really not getting any slack. And why should he.

    I have stated many times that I think Obama is quite frankly the most talented politician of my time (23 years old) – but the times we are living in are impatient ones. My generation wants everything yesterday, we want our news 24/7, on the move, we want to get rich without breaking a sweat – so for us, closing Gitmo, solving the economic problems, fixing healthcare, giving gay people their equal rights, an energy bill and reducing the deficit needed to be done a long time ago…say in his third month.

    What is clear is that the GOP still hasn’t addressed its leadership problems or its strategy to effectively combat Obama. Let’s be honest, if health-care passes Obama is a two term President and goes into top 10 presidential material. More importantly the GOP will lose a generation of voters because of a lack of ideas and leadership to suit the times.

    For example – Obama’s decision on troop numbers in Afghanistan. GOP says: “He is divering. He isn’t protecting our troops. He is losing the war. He is putting America in danger. Military knows best. Win at all cost.” This is the same Vietnam mentality which has haunted the elephant party since the 60s. But I submit to you that people of my generation are more than happy for a President (or a Prime Minister) to carefully consider his strategy for war (I also don’t see an issue with a President saluting a dead soldier or allowing a nation to witness the true cost of war). I don’t see anything wrong with Obama not committing troops until his generals give him a clear exit strategy. That isn’t showing weakness that is showing smarts, and this way of thinking will only strengthen his grip on the coalition he managed to put together for his election victory.

    As for the economy, the Republican Party are damaged goods in this department. If Obama can combine the recent recovery with falling unemployment by 2010 then I truly worry for the party of The Gipper. Moderates are not ideology, they have a comprehension of history and I don’t believe they will vote in the same people who caused the economic downturn.

    In short, the GOP need to start again. They need to look further than 2010 and see that the world is changing around them. They need to dampen down on Reagan and reclaim Lincoln. More Snowe and Christ and less of the two leaders they have in both houses. Less “no”, less party protesting, less anger, less fear, less guns, less war and more hope.

    Even shorter, the GOP need to out hope the great Hoper.

  2. M Jared

    M Jared

    That man gets it

    Obama will be a 2 term President for many reasons though,not just health care
  3. Mav88


    TARP wasn't obama,
    stimulus on borrowed money is an old liberal joke that's so easy that even Bush did it ,

    yet simpletons think Barry's a genius
  4. jksn922


    Obama's is one term loser. Just like all the other big spending, dip shit Democrats. 2010 will begin the extinction of the Democrats. Obama's approval is at 44%, the lowest of any president in our nations history after 11 months in office. An absolute, pathetic embarrassment!!!! The affirmative"blacktion" experiment in selecting a president has failed miserably.
    Since ACORN is under the microscope of the F.B.I., how will they steal the election for their boy Obama in 2012. They won't be able to go out and get those newly registered voters they signed up, like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, etc.., to get out and vote. LOL!!!!!!!!!
  5. health care = 2 terms

    Don't forget that Mr Bush added Medicare part D to the tune of about 1.1 billion to the federal budget. And not a fucking peep from the republicans.

    If Barry happens to pass health care he may actually get four terms. And you can bet your ass he will have the electorial college votes to have the constitution changed just for that event (read: FDR)

    Sucks for you guys :D
  6. May I ask what's the "affirmative blackton experiment....?"

  7. One Billion?? Obama whips his ass with that, I mean assuming he wipes his ass that is.
  8. Obama "whips" his own ass?

    You are a strange motherfuxxer.

  9. Oh sorry, I forgot for a second that all this criticism was directed towards Obama and never towards bush...... must be my racist past in the KKK. (according to left wing media)

    Please show me The measures Obama and his merry band of socialists have passed which stimulate economic growth. The only thing he has done to "save the economy" was print a pile of money, then tax people on that fake money, then redirect thast fake money towards pet projects he approves..... Please prove otherwise.... Also he "committed" to closing gitmo, but never did it, "commited" to ending the war in afghanistan but never did it, the only thing a rational human being would hope that he COMMITS, at this point, is suicide......

    LETS BE HONEST....... as per the title of this thread....
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