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  1. Remember those have lost their life fighting for our nation and those who continue to fight for our freedoms today.
    And any other loved ones that have passed this year or someone we want to give remembrance to.

    A simple prayer or a moment of silence goes a long way.
  2. one of the best post's on ET ever! agree 100%.
  3. Agreed, amen. My prayers to those who died fighting the British in the revolutionary war. They were fighting for our freedom.

    Let us remember the 100,000+ Iraqi civilians who have died for the purpose of helping us have expensive oil and a weak dollar.
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    Our freedoms are easily taken for granted and I think we could all give more thanks to our troops.

    Good post though.
  5. Let us....move this thread out of "Trading"
  6. we worry about stocks breaking trendlines and whether or not market makers manipulate the markets;a friggin joke . these young guys who are marines or any other armed force have more courage in their finger tips thnn most of us have in our whole body. most that complain about the war would'nt have the guts to fight whether they agreed with it or not.yet they have the guts to protest. gee,that takes alot of courage....
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    This is what it takes to be free. Don't take it for granted.

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    I don't mean any disrespect for those who have died for our freedom and for the freedom of others, but i disagree with which action takes the most courage. Whether it is joining up and going off to war when the flags are waving and the bands are playing and everyone is beating there chest, slapping your back and cheering you on ; or standing virtually alone against the insanity of war. The latter in my personal opinion takes far more courage. And thus I would like to also remember on this memorial day not only our brave soldiers, but also those who stood against, and spoke out against the stupidity and injustice of war at times when it took extraordinary courage to do so. And especially those who were brave enough to risk going to prison to bring truth to a nation that was being lied to by it's leaders.

    There is more than one way to serve your country.
  10. It's right to remember. But it's also right to wish that the list of those lost doesn't get longer.
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