Let us get few things clear about permabulls and permabears

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    First of all I trade in a superior way, I was short yesterday and long today.

    Here is now my wisdom on stupidity of permabears and permabulls
    And you know who you are.

    If you are a permabull that probably means you are a position trader, you park yourself and you wait wait……and wait some more.

    Lets say you pick a correct side and market keeps going up, let me ask you.
    When exactly would you get out.

    Would you wait for 400 points drop on DOW before getting out

    Would you wait 800 points?

    Would you wait for a good chuck of your long waited profit to go “puff” before you exit.

    When a permabull or permabear keep saying UP UP UP or DOWN DOWN

    Do they realize that they WILL eventually be wrong.

    I rest my case.
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  3. I positioned myself into some AAPL and CHAP last year. Both have nearly doubled.
  4. infooo


    wow that is great

    oh and I double my ENTIRE portfolio every 1.6 months

    you don't believe it ? Fine by me.
  5. I don't have to believe you. At that rate we should see you on the Forbes 400 list very soon. :p
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    I went from 10 k to now almost 3 million

    I do spend and live well and unlike most shallow humans I greatly helped my extended family and friends and their family

    that is something your line of thinking as a permabull can never allow you to do
  7. Wonderful. Now, can you please step aside from the door: I need to get into a bathroom and throw up.

  8. When the price is above the 10 day 20 day 30 day 40 day 50 day 60 day 70 day 80 day 90 day 200 day moving average I have a tendency to trade from the long side,

    Why fight the trend?
  9. How long have you been trading?
  10. infooo


    been trading since the age of 12

    (relax relax....paper trading since age of 12)

    started with real money at 21

    blew up ......and then blew up 2 more times.

    became profitable at 25

    could not make serious money till 29 due to shortage of real money

    (money makes money as usual)

    real trading from 29 to 35

    SO 6 years of real trading or how ever you want to look at it
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