Let them eat crude oil cake...

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  1. ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The director of the Minerals Management Service in Alaska is apologizing to colleagues for having a cake at a recent meeting with the words "Drill, Baby, Drill" on it.

    In an e-mail Thursday to agency employees nationwide, Regional Director John Goll says it was wrong and expressed regret that he let that happen in his office.

    The issue of offshore drilling has been in the public eye since an oil rig explosion April 20 off the coast of Louisiana that triggered a massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The New York Times reported the cake was served at a staff meeting soon after Interior Secretary Ken Salazar proposed reorganizing the Minerals Management Service in response to the spill.

    Calls to Goll's office and the national agency office were not immediately returned.
  2. Lucrum


    My wife screamed "drill, baby, drill" last night.

    Where and to whom should we send our written apology?
  3. Uno


    how does your intimate relationship with your wife have anything to do with a major disaster that this oil leak is

    You are a teenager aren't you not even married
  4. Lucrum


    How does a cake have anything to do with a major disaster that this oil leak is? And why would a CAKE require an apology?

    I wish, actually I'm 49 and married twice.
  5. kut2k2


    Since she didn't actually say it, to nobody.
    As plainly stated, it's the "Drill, baby, drill" icing that makes the public cake relevant.

    How's that early onset Alzheimer's working for ya?
  6. kut2k2


    I see how you can logically come to that conclusion. :D
  7. Illum


    So drilling for oil is now politically incorrect in Alaska? What a joke.
  8. Lucrum


    Not to mention having icing on a cake that says "drill, baby, drill".
    Who exactly is that supposed to offend to the extent that it warrants a public apology?
  9. kut2k2


    A reasonable person would conclude that somebody at the meeting was offended by it and made it known publicly. And I suspect by now almost anybody living along the Gulf coast and the lower Atlantic coast would be offended by a federal agency presenting such a cake at a meeting. But I can see how ET reichtards don't register what used to be called common sense.
  10. Lucrum


    What you're talking about was NEVER called common sense.

    It's always been called what it really is, "political correctness", yet another stupidity created and imposed on the rest of us by bleeding heart liberals the world over.
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