Let The Truth Be Told: For Republicans Money IS Their God!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by iceman1, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. And that is the bottom line.

    Most conservative right-wing scum are really only concenred with one thing in this life... MONEY! That is their GOD!

    All this bull about religion and spirituallity and family-values and the like is just one big smoke-screen for what truly motivates these hardcore individuals.


    Scratch most republicans and you will find garden-variety bigots and hypocrites!

    "Hate you next-door neighbor but don't forget to say GRACE" !!!!!!!!"
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    Nailed it. :)

    The word "plutocracy" sums up what the Republicans are really all about.
  3. Sorry ice, but this is a pile of horseshit. It's as bad as the discrimination you hate in right-wing hatemongers. It's PC at its worst.

    There are just as many idiots on the far left as there are on the far right. This kind of mass generalization doesn't do anyone any good. Why not pick the easy targets around here as opposed to doing exactly what you just accused them of doing - being bigoted, which is what your post boils down to
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    This is incorrect. There's a reason why the right marches mostly in lockstep while the left is usually an uncoordinated mess. There's much more diversity and individualism among liberals than among righties. Many liberals don't give a damn about every liberal cause, just a select few. And they make trade-offs as required. Contrast that with, say, anti-abortionists who constantly vote against their own economic interests as long as the candidates say the magic words: "kill Roe v. Wade".

    There are kooks on the left but they are dwarfed by the quantity on the right.

    Plutocracy really does explain 95+% of the GOP. The weird thing about plutocrats is that most of them aren't rich and will never be rich, but they are perfectly content defending robber barons as if they were helpless victims, and this defense is often done with no recompensation at all. It's a very pathological mindset that very few Americans on the left have anything analogous to.
  5. None of what you wrote speaks to my main point - that the OP is a massive generalization, just the same as saying 'All blacks are lazy'. No difference.

    Scratch most Republicans and you get a racist? That's a pile of horseshit. There are some very vocal racists here on the right, sure. But there are some moral relativists on the left that deserve to be shot as well (everyone here knows who the leader of that brigade is). The left are the ones who are supposed to understand that even if there are more whack-jobs on the right than on the left, we still have to treat every person as an individual and not say stupid shit like 'Scratch most Republicans...'

    Anyone who knows me here knows I have no love for the far-right whack-jobs we see in P & R.
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    He didn't say racist, he said bigot - a much broader term.

    Face it, most of the anti-abortion movement are sexist and even misogynistic men who hate feminism (equality for women) and want nothing more than to put women back into the kitchen and the bedroom.

    I hear nothing but bigotry from the right, here and elsewhere, all the time: all liberals are commies, socialists, moonbats, etc. Sure I've done my share of name-calling but I do acknowledge the worth of some conservative ideas. You find very few conservatives anywhere who ever have a good word to say about any aspect of liberalism. It's as rare as hen teeth.

    George Washington called himself a liberal. Most righties reading that are ready to call me a commie liar without even doing a simple google search to see if it's true. That's bigotry.
  7. Once again, the OP contains massive generalizations that reflect the worst of what the left complains about in the right. 'Scratch most Republicans and you find a bigot'? That's an absurd statement. Scratch most of the nutbag far-right on here, sure, but there are 100 million conservatives in the US and it is obviously false to say that 'most of them' are bigots.

    If I said 'Scratch most liberals and you find a bleeding-heart, PC-brainwashed moral relativist', you'd be complaining about it, and rightly so. It's a massive generalization, which makes it prejudicial. That's what prejudice is: to pre-judge.

  8. "no generalization is worth a damn, including this one"... Mark Twain. Your point is well-taken.

    My perception over recent years is that most people who ID with the right seem to focus on money as their sole reason for holding conservative values, when in fact the issue between right and left should rightly focus on government and it's role in our lives, and how we can have a society wherein government does not operate as parents patriae but rather have a private sector shouldering more responsibility for making society more free and just, and offering reasonable opportunity to those that seek it, are willing to work for it and have the right sutff. However republicans want to ignore the fact that the so-called private sector has not demonstrated a willingness to spread the wealth and opportunity; thus we have repeatedly needed the judicial and legislative branches to intervene to get people to do what was morally, economically and ethically proper.

    The republicans retort to this intervention is and was always: give SOME more and we will distribute it voluntarily. Naw!!!! Too many are too selfish to do this while writing off tickets and trips to the Super Bowl and Aruba and Vegas on their business taxes so that they can buy the next model Mercedes, and tell some poor guy to "get a job" and earn it the old fashioned way!