Let the riots begin! Evan Almighty is an insult to Pislam!

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by TGregg, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. TGregg


    Time for killing, raping and pillaging! Let no embassy stand!
  2. Huh? Wasnt their a "bruce almighty" with jim carey, also with morgan freeman as god?
    Am i incorrect, or is this shameless, hackneyed rubberstamp copycating?

    Edit-oh, its actually a sequel, just as bad.
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  4. Smooching the ground...:p
  5. TGregg


    And raising your butt to the guy behind you. ;)
  6. Let's not forget they prefer sheep and goats if they can find one that is willing...:p
  7. Lucrum


    Maybe they should explore bondage.
  8. Terrorism- Islam is cool with it.
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