Let the Revolution Begin!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EMRGLOBAL, May 6, 2009.

  1. States are starting to back away from the FED POWERS which overstep the boundries outline in our consitituion.

    We are going to see a rebirth of the Anti-Federalist Movement and the Federalist Movement. If you have those documents, I suggest you dust them off and start reading.

    I am for a Peaceful Revolution. But if Arms have to be raised, then so be it.

    OK has now joined Texas. IMHO, the entire Sunbelt Region, minus FL will follow TX and OK.

    The Tyranny of the Fed Gov. Will not stand.

    A cenus taker came to our Partners house...11 acres, with a wall built around it...9400 square foot home with a bunch of cars in the drive way. (The founder of our firm). This is in the middle of the San Antonio City Proper. The partner greeted the Census Taker in his drive way. The Census taker introduced him self and said he was goint to take the Longitude and Latitude of the property, as requested by the Census Bureau. X then asked if there was a law, that say's "X" must agree to his. the Census
    person said no. X then kindly asked the Census Bureau to get the fuck off his property and to tell OBAMA to stick in in his ass.

    The census person, excused him self and walked away with out marking the property with Paint and getting the Long/Lat.

    Don't think most of you in the West and North East are gona get away with that.

    God Bless America and Thank God for TX and OK who have the balls to stand up to socialism.